At Allison’s Speedy Docs & Notary Services, LLC, our goal is helping you when you need it most and can’t afford the services of an attorney.  

Allison is a native Ocalan, having graduated from Forest High School in 1984.  Allison began her career in the legal field in 1989 and has worked with attorneys handling criminal defense, family law, civil litigation, real estate, probate and estate planning.  Allison is proud of the success she has realized and wants to share this success by assisting the general public with their legal document preparation and notary needs.





Being a paralegal for many years gave me the opportunity to help many people who were going through a very difficult time, be it family law or after a loved-one passed away.  I now want to help the people of Florida who are unable to afford an attorney, or who simply want to go to court alone.


Allison’s Speedy Docs & Notary Services, LLC is a legal document preparation service assisting the members of the general public who wish to represent themselves in court – this is a pro se litigant – without having to pay costly attorney’s fees.  Allison has extensive experience working for attorneys in family law matters, estate planning, probate, and real estate, and also has the education to assist you with evictions and small claim matters.   We also provide professional notary services for any document that needs notarized as well as court swear-ins, and wedding services.

An attorney is not always necessary to handle your case.  Rest assured that when you do hire my services, you will receive quality, professional documents with a short turn-around time.  And, if you’re not sure how to file your documents, I can assist you with that, too.  Notary fees are included with all paid document preparation services.

Because I have such an extensive background, I am able to assist you with many needs.  If you are in need of a service that you don’t see here, give me a call and it may be that I can help.  If not, I have a large network of professionals that I may be able to refer you to.  

NON-LAWYER DISCLAIMER: Allison’s Speedy Docs & Notary Service, LLC, is a non-lawyer, self-help service providing legal document preparation assistance at your specific direction.  We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.  Neither the contents of this website, nor any verbal or written communications you may have with us, should be construed as legal advice.  If you have legal questions, or don’t understand your legal situation, you are urged to consult with or retain the services of a qualified attorney.